Policy24 - Comprehensive ePlanning District/Town Plan and Policy Management - Life-cycle management of Policy and  District Plan Enquiry.

Policy24 software has been developed to address the need for a quality Online(web) ePlanning and Enquiry solution in New Zealand. Policy24 is a comprehensive system allowing you to control all of your policy documents in one system, saving time and reducing cost, be they council policy or by-laws or the District Plan. Because Policy24 has been designed specifically for Local Government it caters for unique requirements such as plan life-cycle management, enquiry linkages or public viewing or property enquiry against a plan.  That said, Policy24 is used by any organisation which needs to manage and publish Policy documents like Schools, Corporate's and other Government agencies, with easy consultation via direct integration with Consult24.

Policy24 has been developed to allow the easy import of existing MS-Word based policy documents into the system, meaning that we can go from and existing Word/Paper based plan to an ePlan within a matter of minutes.

District Plan Spatial (Map) information can be displayed using the embedded Cinnamon Map which then displays Zones and Overlays with search features that return property rules or your organisation web map ca be embedded.

Policy24's architecture means that images within the planning document are stored within the database and written to the file system on demand. This means that our editors can work within an internally hosted environment with the viewing public portal hosted on a DMZ webserver with council not having to maintain and external image library

Policy24 includes a smartphone interface which means I can use location services to get planning rules for where I am standing!!

Policy24 integrates with many of the Local Government systems such as Authority from Civica, Pathway from INFOR, the TechnologyOne suit, ESRI, Intramaps, Objective and TRIM to access documents, customer, property details and enable spatial integration.


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